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Price Match Guarantee at pharmacies in your community.

We guarantee the lowest prices on generic drugs when you purchase them on MGs website or mobile app. If you find a lower price for your generic prescription, MG will match that price and refund you the difference.

We also price match coupon websites as long as they do not charge a membership fee, and as long as the coupon is redeemable at a physical retail pharmacy in your community.

Read more about our price match guarantee below. We have separate price match policies for prescriptions that are picked up locally and those that are delivered by mail.


Qualification Requirements

MG only price matches generic medications. Of course, the other price will need to be for the same item (i.e. the same prescription, including dose, form and quantity).
MG only price matches digital orders purchased through an electronic payment method. Cash purchases are not eligible.
MG specifically does not price match opioid analgesics. We recognize that opioids can provide relief from pain, but we believe that we need to be part of the solution in curtailing the current opioid epidemic.
The other offer must be a publicly available cash price that’s available when you submit your claim. MG is not insurance, so naturally we do not match prices that rely on prescription drug coverage or fee-based membership programs.
The other price cannot include additional restricted one-time coupons or promotions. For example, if an online retailer gives a discount on your first order, that discount cannot be applied to a price match.

Price Matching Prescriptions Picked Up at a Local Pharmacy

For prescriptions picked up at a local pharmacy, you can only price match after you’ve purchased on MG’s website or mobile app and filled a prescription using MG.
The other price must be at a pharmacy in your community (mail-delivery pharmacies and pharmacies outside of the U.S. do not apply).

Price Matching Prescriptions Delivered by Mail

For prescriptions delivered by mail, you can only price match after you’ve purchased on MG’s website or mobile app and filled a prescription using MG.
The other price must be the mail order price, available at a fully-accredited pharmacy based and licensed in the United States as certified by the program.
The other price must include the cost of shipping.
The Price Match Guarantee only applies to generic medications.

How to claim a Price Match refund

Submit a claim using the link below. If approved, the price difference will be refunded back to your original electronic payment method within 10 business days of submitting your claim. If you used a MG promotional code, we unfortunately won’t refund the value of the code–the total amount refunded can’t exceed amount paid, and we limit it to $1000 per patient per month.

Please submit your claim within 28 days of your MG purchase. Terms and conditions of the Price Match Guarantee are subject to change at anytime without notice.

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